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Temporary Jobs


The German Market is home to a bundle of experiences and new professions. The market in itself is rapidly changing every day and that calls for adaptive skills!

The traditional employment method has always presented some kind of security for the employer and the employee in terms of long term commitment. Given the fact that the employee would specialize in one area only, the employer would invest and train that person for that specific field in particular. Therefore, both parties would wake up every day knowing for a fact that, the same job would be repeated for a long term and in the same way. This is what we call a “safe zone”.

The modern outline of the employment method functions as a dichotomy between long term jobs and temporary ones. Studies have shown that the old traditional method was characterized by fixed patterns of conduct and therefore, limitations rose.

One of the main issues is related to fixed positions and the impossibility of shifting in higher positions. Because employees struggle to get the desired position, the working climate was too harsh on those who would quit a certain job and opting for a new one. Some years ago, people were still terrified of the idea that one can change professions or job types in a given time. That way, employees were not presented the opportunity of elevating their career and experimenting until finding the right path for themselves.

On the other hand, the effects of traditionalism were more evident on young professionals. Prolonged working periods on a position that did not fit the desires of the young employee, out of fear that losing that job would be translated into even more prolonged periods of employability. Therefore, the whole generation of skilled workers remained unclear of what their strong and weak points were. That only because of these fixed patterns.

Temporary jobs are the best alternative in terms of self-analysis. Companies and other sources grant the possibility of joining a team of professionals for a specific period and then it is up to you to judge for yourself. Same as people, jobs and industries have become flourished and diverse in nature.

 There cannot be one specific job position for you.
You, your jobs and the world are one ever changing body, adapting and facing challenges of the modern societies.


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