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Be the voice

Help convey their message in their own voice.


Our agency is now facilitating time-starved professionals and students to express their ideas in written form from behind-the-scenes writers. If you are passionate and academically competent in a certain area, then this at-home job is the right one for you!
Everyone: students, speakers, consultants, entrepreneurs, directors etc., they are all facing time restrictions or even low writing capabilities when it comes to scribing their personal ideas and projects on paper. This well-known global practice has been going on for decades now, but we want to create a network which is competent, reliable and safe to use.
Our team finds you the perfect match based on your profile and we facilitate your communication until your own creative flow takes the lead.


Why Write for Others:

At-home Job

Good Payment

Facilitated Communication

Develop your Artistic Passion

Learn New Ideas


Tips for new writers:

  • Individual Portfolio: Collect all of your written projects to convince your client on your writing capabilities. You should be prepared to expose samples of your work, especially relating to a certain subject or field of study. Now, put yourself out there.
  • Capturing Voice: Listen and understand your client. Capture their voice and be the storyteller to their ideas. While channeling their thoughts, try to consider and keep in mind their specific characteristics: vocabulary, manner of speaking, rhythm, values. Distance your opinions from your creativity and do not fall into the trap of comparison, competition or contradiction.
  • Knowledge or Research: Be prepared to face lack of knowledge on a specific area. You should be able to do the research properly so you are serving timely and ground breaking information. Keep in mind that what you are writing might serve as a knowledge sharing chain.
  • Holistically: Your work and energy are serving as a gift to the world. You are balancing a work that needs to be portrayed and if it weren’t for you, it simply would not exist. Great minds face difficulties in expressing themselves, but that does not undermine their worth.
  • Network: Grow and promote yourself. There is no visible career path for behind-the-scenes writers, so it is up to you to join this community and identify as one. Just like freelancing, your first project will attract many others to come. Congratulations, joining our website marks your first successful step!
Your Own Voice

Their Voice

Structuring and Outlining

Predominant Ideas

Argument listing and Transitioning

Not including a topic even if you find it necessary

Explaining expertise information if necessary

Signature Words, Phrases, Expressions

Beautiful or Academic Wording

                                               Data, Statistics, Charts

+ Every freedom given by your client




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